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Payment Methods, Terms and Conditions
Residential and Commercial Design and Inspection/Certification Services

Pepper and Associates, Inc. accepts payment by Cash, Check or Electronic Check only. Fees indicated in the Fee Schedule(s) on this web site are for typical services. The illustrated fees may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the initial on-site inspection or consultation. Pepper and Associates, Inc. reserves the right to make alterations, additions deletions, and/or modifications to its Fee Schedule(s) at any time without any prior notification.

Without exception, arrangement for payment of fees must be made in advance.   Terms and methods of payment are subject to verification. Generally, payments will be applied as follows:

  • Professional Engineer's Inspection/Certification Services:

    • To provide you the best possible service, Engineering Inspection/Certification Services must be scheduled in advance. Without exception, payment information/payment arrangements must also be made in advance. Cancellations without 48 hours advance notice are subject to a cancellation fee.

    • Checks will be deposited upon receipt.  An additional charge will be added for NSF or returned checks.  An Engineer will not be dispatched to your project until your funds have been verified or your check clears.

    • Generally, the Engineer’s written report will be completed within ten (10) working days of the date of the on-site inspection.

    • Completed Engineer’s Inspection Reports/Engineer’s Certifications will be furnished in one (1) original and one (1) copy. Extra copies are available for an additional fee.

    • Completed Engineer’s Inspection Reports/Engineer’s Certifications will be available for pick-up at the Engineer’s offices.  Completed Reports can only be mailed upon receipt of payment; additional shipping/postage charges apply.

  • Professional Engineering Design Services:

    • To provide you the best possible service, Engineering Design Services are offered by appointment only.  Without exception, a non-refundable initial consultation fee of $500.00 must be paid in advance of the appointment with sufficient time for verification of funds.  The consultation fee will be credited against the total Professional Services fee.

    • Professional Design Service fees and project completion times will vary with the nature and scope of the proposed work assignment.

    • You will be provided with a Professional Design Service Fees Proposal.  The Engineer's Fee Proposal shall clearly state the Scope of Services (Professional Services to Be Provided), Project Deliverables, the Period of Service, the Engineer's Fee and the Fee Payment Schedule.  Your signature indicates your understanding and acceptance of the Engineer's Scope of Services, Project Deliverables Period of Service, Professional Service Fees and Payment Schedule.



Any opinions, conclusions and/or recommendations made in the Engineers' Report/Certification represent the Engineers' best judgment and understandings of the existing site conditions; and are based upon the information made available to the Engineer during at the time of the Engineer’s on-site inspection. The Engineers reserve the right to update, modify, or otherwise revise said opinions, conclusions and/or recommendations if new or additional information becomes available.

The Engineer assumes no responsibility for the conclusions or opinions drawn by others.


Limitation of Engineer’s Liability

The Engineer’s liability is limited to amount of the Engineer’s compensation. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the total liability, in aggregate, of the Engineer, and the Engineer’s officers, directors, partners. employees, agents and Engineer’s consultants, and any of them, to the Client, and anyone claiming by, through, or under Client for any and all claims, losses, costs, or damages whatsoever arising out of, resulting from or in any way related to the Engineer’s product or this project, from any cause or causes, including but not limited to negligence, professional errors or omissions, strict liability or breach of contract, or warranty express or implied of the Engineer or Engineer’s officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, or the Engineer’s consultants, or any of them, shall not exceed the total compensation received by the Engineer.

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