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Pepper and Associates, Inc.
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Company Profile

Pepper and Associates, Inc. is a Professional Consulting Engineering Firm properly licensed with the Louisiana Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Board to offer Professional Engineering Services in the state of Louisiana. Pepper and Associates, Inc.'s offices are based in a Metairie, Louisiana, where the firm serves the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan and surrounding areas, including Jefferson, Orleans, Plaqumines, St. Tammany, St. John, and St. Charles parishes.

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Pepper and Associates, Inc. has performed continuously since its incorporation in 1968 for various state and local governmental agencies including the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the Jefferson Parish Department of Public Works, the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works, the Board of Commissioners of the Orleans Levee District, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Pepper and Associates, Inc. maintains a permanent, highly qualified and experienced staff, which enables it to successfully accomplish engineering projects of all magnitudes.

Pepper and Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the design of commercial and industrial building projects, rural, urban and controlled-access arterial roadways, interstate highways and bridges, water resource management, storm drainage and sewerage transport systems, including gravity systems, lift stations, force mains, hurricane protection levees and floodwalls, drainage canal improvements and major drainage pumping stations.


Selection of a Consulting Engineer

The engagement of a consulting engineer is one of the most important decisions to be made during the development of an engineering project. The accomplishment of the Client's objectives, and the final capital and life-cycle costs, structural soundness, and the suitability of the proposed works for its intended function rest upon the experience, skill, integrity, and judgment of the consulting engineer as well as others on the project design team. The consulting engineer's recommendations, based upon these factors, affect costs and thereby influence the economic feasibility of the undertaking.



Pepper and Associates, Inc. has successfully demonstrated through past performance on numerous projects that we can satisfactorily complete assignments within a prescribed time period. Our firm is well qualified to successfully complete our assignments in an accurate, efficient and timely manner. This is our commitment to the success of the project you assign us.

We are proud of our firm’s past performance record; and our repeat business. Our firm’s longevity and continued success, we feel, is due to production of quality engineering produced in a timely and efficient manner. Repeat business is a major component of our firm’s earnings; and is a clear vote of confidence by our Clients, testifying to their satisfaction with our work.

We believe our work is more than just the preparation of engineering plans, specifications and reports. We believe that sound engineering is manifest in designs that responsibly serve government, public and private interests. Our work product is a cost-effective, well-designed project that meets the Client's needs; regardless of project scope or size. Our Clients know they can depend on us.

Active associations in many Professional Engineering Societies link us to the latest engineering and construction technologies and techniques. Continuing education of our staff insures that we are current with industry standards and practices.

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